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Steamed chicken and fish with vegetables
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
25 mins

Although this dish is called Steamed Chicken and Fish, there are more vegetables than chicken and fish. It is almost like a steamed version of Yosenabe. Two dipping sauces give you a dining experience as if you are having two different dishes.

I used a single-serve bamboo steamer to steam the ingredients but you can steam them in a different way as described in note 4.

Don't forget to see the section 'MEAL IDEAS' below the recipe card! It gives you a list of dishes that I have already posted and this recipe that can make up a complete meal. I hope it is of help to you.

Recipe Type: Main
Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: gomadare, sasame sauce, steamed chicken, Steamed fish, steamed vegetables
Serves: 1
Author: Yumiko
Ingredients (tbsp=15ml, cup=250ml)
Steaming Ingredients (note 6)
  • 80g / 2.8oz king fish fillet
  • 2 tsp cooking sake
  • 70g / 2.5oz chicken thigh fillet
  • 150g / 5.3oz Chinese cabbage leaves
  • 30g / 1.1oz shimeji mushrooms (or other Asian mushrooms)
  • 50g / 1.8oz green onion
  • 25g / 0.9oz carrot
  • 40g / 1.4oz pumpkin
Ponzu Dipping Sauce (note 1)
Sesame Dipping Sauce
  • tbsp roasted white sesame seeds
  • 1 tbsp miso (note 2)
  • tbsp soy sauce
  • tbsp dashi stock
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • ¼ tbsp vinegar
  1. Cut fish and chicken into large bite-size pieces (note 3). Sprinkle cooking sake over them and leave for 10 minutes. Pat dry them.

  2. Cut the stem part of Chinese cabbage crosswise into 5cm / 2" long pieces. Leave a large portion of the soft leaves uncut (this will be used as a liner when steaming). If the stem is very wide, cut the stem vertically in half first.

  3. Divide the shimeji mushrooms into 2-3 small clusters.

  4. Diagonally cut green onion to 5cm / 2” long.

  5. Cut a carrot to 5cm / 2” long, then slice vertically to 2-3mm / 1⁄16- ⅛” thick. If the rectangle is very wide, halve it vertically. Alternatively, slice the carrot diagonally.

  6. Cut pumpkin crosswise to 8mm / 5⁄16” thick so that each piece has the skin on.

Steaming and Serving
  1. Line the bottom and the side of the bamboo steamer (note 4) with the large soft Chinese cabbage leaves, then place the rest of the cabbage on one side of the steamer, clustering together.

  2. Place pumpkin, green onion, carrots, shimeji mushrooms, fish, and chicken in the steamer, clustering each ingredient together (note 5).

  3. Steam for 8 minutes.
  4. Transfer the bamboo steamer onto a large plate and serve with Ponzu and Sesame Dipping Sauce.

Sesame Dipping Sauce
  1. Grate sesame seeds in mortar and pestle until most seeds are finely grated.

  2. Add the remaining Sesame Dipping Sauce ingredients and mix well.

Recipe Notes

1. Other than ponzu, ingredients (condiments) are optional, but I would recommend at least one condiment to be served with ponzu.

Instead of making ponzu at home, you can buy a bottle of ponzu at Japanese/Asain grocery stores.

2. You can use normal brown miso. If you are using sweet miso, e.g. Saikyo miso, omit sugar.

3. I cut each ingredient into 3 pieces.

4. I used a small bamboo steamer that was just right for one serving.

If you don’t have a bamboo steamer, you can place ingredients in a steamer basket (if your steamer comes with it).

Alternatively place a small casserole/gratin dish inside a large pot, lifted with 3 balls of aluminium foil or ramekins of the same height.

5. Try to make the colour balance of the ingredients right. As you can see in my photo, I did not place carrot and pumpkin next to each other because they are similar colours. Ensure that you can see all the ingredients when packed in the steamer, i.e. none of the ingredients are completely hidden by other ingredients.

6. I happened to have these ingredients in my fridge. Instead of king fish, you can use any other kind of fish with firm flesh. Meat can be chicken breast fillet, chicken tenderloin or thinly sliced pork.

You can also use other vegetables as long as they are good for steaming.

7. Nutrition per serving.