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Bento Box – Yakitori Bento
Prep Time
10 mins
Total Time
10 mins

Yakitori Bento is probably not as commonly sold at bento shops in Japan as other bento boxes such as Chicken Karaage Bento or Pork Shōgayaki Bento. But Yakitori Bento is as good and as delicious as these. It is a perfect bento for a picnic.

Yakitori Bento consists of Shimeji Gohan, Yakitori, a couple of side dishes and vegetables.

Because bento is usually made mostly from left-over dishes or make-ahead dishes, the time shown in this recipe is only the time to pack the bento box.

Recipe Type: Main
Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: bento, bento box, yakitori
Serves: 1
Author: Yumiko
Ingredients (tbsp=15ml, cup=250ml)
  1. While the Shimeji Gohan is still hot or warm, place it in one section of the bento box and let it cool.

  2. Put Gomoku-mame in a okazu cup and place in the corner of the rice compartment.

  3. Place the turnip next to the Gomoku-mame. If you don’t have a partition between the rice and the turnip, place the turnip in an okazu cup so that the rice does not get vinegary.

  4. Place tomatoes and broccoli florets in one side of the other bento box.
  5. Place yakitori skewers next to the vegetables.

Recipe Notes

1. It is best to pack cooked rice in a bento box while hot or warm. This makes it easier to shape the rice into the bento box.

2. I used chicken thigh Yakitori (momo). You can pick and choose any kind of Yakitori such as negima (chicken thigh and shallots/scallions).

The skewers that I used in my Yakitori recipe were too long to fit in my bento box. So, I used teppōgushi which are shorter with a flat handle. Please visit my post Yakitori for more details about skewers.

3. Please refer to my recipe Pickled Chrysanthemum Radish. To add an extra colour to the bento, I used turnip, but you can use radish instead.

4. See my post for more details about okazu cups. You can use cupcake cases or aluminium foil instead.

Depending on the number of partitions in your bento box, you may need more okazu cups, e.g. for the pickled turnip.